How To Save Time And Money With Your Rubbish Removal Service

Posted On Feb. 20, 2019

Keeping one’s home rubbish free is surely a challenge. Clutter has a way of sneaking up on us- a small purchase at a sale, a trinket at a bargain bin, tokens from parties, gifts from relatives, leftover packaging from deliveries – all these things accumulate in our homes, leaving us with piles of stuff to manage. And we spend a good, awful lot of our free time in rubbish removal instead of enjoying our weekends relaxing with the family.

It’s true, most of us find it hard to let go of the stuff in our home even if most of them are not being used anymore.  What most people don’t realize, however, is that these unnecessary stuff are only doing us more harm than good. So do something positive for your home, do a major rubbish removal, and have a plan in mind. The goal of planning out your decluttering schedule is to make the rubbish removal quicker and less overwhelming.

The best thing about decluttering is that it can simplify your life and create good energy around the home. It can get you into that clear emotionally state and give you the physical space that you need to do the things that you love the most.

How to Declutter

The first thing we have to remember in the process of decluttering is to void ourselves of our attachments to our stuff.  The problem with the things we keep in our homes are the memories that come with it and that precisely makes things difficult to throw away, even if this sentimental object is too far broken, useless or just accumulating dust. Like that mosaic pot you made in gradeschool or that broken radio your husband said he would come around to fixing. We must remember that not all things which bring memories should remain in our homes.

The questions that should be answered when decluttering are: “Do I really need this?” “Have I used this thing for the past three months or so?” If the answer is no, then there’s no way for that thing but to go to the rubbish bins.

Every household item should be something used regularly, daily or something truly cherished. It has earned its place in your home. If you can’t remember the last time you used it, or plan to repair it, then simply let it go. The question of ‘I might use this someday’ is a common pitfall, usually that ‘someday’ never comes, or when that moment does happen it’s already 5 years down the line. So was that object worth keeping in the drawer for half a decade?

The reality is – you have to be practical with what you keep.

Kinds of Clutter

Rubbish Removal

The clutters in our home are not limited to small pieces of paper or kick-knacks. Sometimes, we keep white elephants in the room – junks that are too big to not notice yet we simply don’t care. These junks include unused and broken appliances and mismatched pieces of furniture, among others. There are also kinds of rubbishes we simply toss in our storage bins and cabinets and forget they are there for a long period of time. In fact, there are a lot of clutters lying around our home but due to our busy schedules and lack of interest, they are simply there collecting dust, expiring beyond their best dates, reeking horrible smells and breeding pesky bugs.

Have a Rubbish Removal Plan

You can declutter your home anytime. You can declutter gradually or in one go. This depends on how much time you have on your hands. You can get your family into the action by organizing a large scale rubbish removal and sorting out the rubbish from room to room. You can start with the kids room down to the

kitchen and living areas then the finally the basement or garage area. Or you can choose to do your rubbish removal routine based on the severity of the clutter.

If this is a solo cleaning venture, and you’re entirely on your own, you can allot yourself one room to clean out per week. Or make it a point to sort or dispose at least 10 items per day, you can allot bins for this. The bins can be organized into categories such as recycle, sell, donations, or for disposal.

Doing it in stages can help you from feeling overwhelmed, or getting frustrated with the monumental task of cleaning up the whole house.

Not all rubbish is junk

You can go through your mess, and turn all that clutter into cash. You may even find some items in perfectly good condition. Surprisingly, some may even have the price tags on it from the day you bought them. And these can be a challenge to purge, how can you let go of something still useful and beautiful? Yet, ask yourself why these items have remained untouched all this time. The answer is simply ‘aspirational excess’, we just have too much of the good stuff which is the result of the times we live in. We just have all the means to purchase, store and hoard all we want. And the consequence is that we have closets and pantries bursting to the brim. Even though it’s hard to let go of the good things, we have to, if want to mainatain a clean home.

So through selling, you can easily get rid of stuff and recoup the most value for it. You can save money this way and with the money earned, you can encourage yourself and your family to declutter often.

You can sell your items online

This is the easiest way – get your phone, take a snap of the item and post the price you want for it online. Surely by now, everyone is familiar with Ebay and how Ebay works. Selling online is a good way to sell large items or items that may require a long time to load off, such as furnitures, musical instruments and old appliances. Even high-value items such as jewelry, antiques and art pieces.You can also go for public trade listings such as Gumtree and Craigslist. People regularly browse these sites for bargains, vintage and hard-to-find items.

Tap into communities

There are local groups in your neighborhood that accept donated items for charity. Often the sale of these items, go into funding community needs or helping individuals with medical bills. Sometimes giving away things can give more joy than keeping them. And you will be happy that you did!

Try Facebook Groups

If you have specific items that are linked to certain hobbies, trading your stash at Facebook groups or at Facebook Marketplace or even the small niche sites is the way to go. Often collectors or hobbyists are in need of parts or rare items that might just be in your possession. Most collectors will even offer to have the item to ship for free or do a public meet-up.

Sell to Thrift Stores

They may not pay much when it comes to looking at cast-offs. But if they’re willing to take it in and pay you a bit of money, the local thrift store is one of the best avenues where you can unload your junk or your grandmother’s really dusty antiques.

Have a Garage Sale

All you have to do is set up a table in front of your house and put on some price tags. You can even make this into an annual family tradition, so family members can prep what items to purge beforehand. Plus your neighbors can easily come over and see what you have in store for them. If someone wants a discount on an item, don’t drive a hard bargain; remember your goal is to dispose of things as quickly as possible.

Now if we really want to live a stress-free life, and feel we must rid ourselves of unnecessary things and if we can’t do it alone, we could always seek professional help.

Why hire a Professional Rubbish Removal Service?

Rubbish Removal

Hiring a professional clean-up and rubbish removal service gives you a two-fold benefit. First, the rubbish service providers are not at all emotionally attached to your stuff and they can be the best judge on whether or not these things should go. They will not have a hard time letting things go which will give you an objective perspective on your decluttering process. Ultimately, however, hiring a professional rubbish removal service is basically for your convenience and protection.

Cleaning your house entails a lot of moving and carrying all that heavy stuff and if you are not used to this kind of manual labor, you may risk getting a broken back or some injuries. Additionally, there could be some venomous insects or toxic chemicals infused with the junk you have built up over the years and dismantling them could pose some serious health issues for you. Rubbish removers also have a keen eye when it comes to estimating piles of junk, or breaking down large debris for hauling. They know what specific skip bin you’ll need to tow everything out of there.

Since a professional clean-up service is equipped for these kinds of roadblocks, it is best to leave the matter to the pros.

Possible Costs

If you don’t know your numbers, you can’t estimate what you need. You have to come at a price for the service that is both fair for you and the tradie doing the physical work. You may opt to hire a tradie or a service company that specializes in rubbish removal. Some services allow you to pay for how high you fill, the amount of waste dispose or the number of service hours rendered.

A good step would be to call up a few rubbish removal service companies and ask for their cost or professional estimate. Give yourself time to compare prices. You can also ask friends who have hired such professional cleaning services about their experience.

The Difference between Skip Bins and Rubbish Removal Services

Having residential waste lying around for a long time can be hazardous not just to your family, but to the whole communty as well. Pets and wildlife can easily get into your trash and make a bigger mess of your pile. It also leaves a bad impression to your neighbors on how you manage your household.

Relying on the neighborhood garbage truck for pick-ups, may not always be the best way of disposing large wastes, by the time they get to your house, they may already have a full load of rubbish in their trucks, leaving little room for yours. Or there might not be enough garbage collectors on hand to do heavylifting into the trucks. Like if you were disposing of a large couch or an old piano, such a task would require several people just to carry it out of your house, so do consider the size and weight of your residential rubbish. Also through the regular garbage collection, the total rubbish removal might take several days to a week to complete, or you might be vouch to pay for extra garbage fees by the council for a scheduled pick up.

If you don’t have the time to dispose of your waste properly, particularly large ones which usually happens when you have renovation work done on the property. You can opt for a rubbish removal service to keep your residential area clean.

Booking Skip Bins

1300 Skip Bins

If you do have enough time in your hands, and you want to do things yourself, you may opt to book the right-size skip bin for your waste disposal allocation. An average skip bin can range from 2-4 cubic metres, roughly 16 to 20 bin bags. There are much larger ones, maxi skip bins or what they call a builders skip, these are large 6-12 cubic metres and mandatory on construction projects. There are a variety of skip bins – some have lids, some have wheels for more mobility, and some just come with a flat-base that can be lifted unto a truck bed.

With skip bins, you will have to handle and load the rubbish on your own using a trolley or a wheelbarrow, as they are easy to load and quite accessible. Most skip bins have lockable lids, so strays and wildlife won’t easily get in it, even your sneaky neighbors would have a hard time chucking their rubbish on you.

Even better, some skip bin services offer discount pricing if you fill out your bins earlier than schedule.  Because they are often large, skip bins can really contain the wastes properly until they are collected. Skip bins are good for debris allocation and are the ideal eco-solution for construction work, landscaping projects, and even the simple undertaking of home spring cleaning.

Rubbish Removal Service

1300 Rubbish Removal

Now if you really don’t want to be hands-on in clearing your garbage, and you can’t just stand the idea of sifting through a filthy pile, then opt for a full-service rubbish removal to do the dirty work for you. Clean-up professionals will come on site, and load the wastes into the skip bin themselves. The great thing about rubbish removal services is the quick response time they have. They can handle things quickly for you and assess your growing garbage situation; they can deliver a skip bin at your site pronto and haul away the skip bins once full. Once, the cleaning pros load off with your skip bins, the waste will be dropped off at a recycling or sorting facility where the rubbish will be disposed of sustainably.

Invariably, whether you choose renting out a Skip Bin or a Rubbish Removal Service, both are great convenient options when doing a major rubbish removal.

Some Tips on What to Prepare on Skip Day

To make things easy on rubbish removal day, remember the following:

  • Make sure there are no obstructions during the pick up schedule. Check for height clearance, low hanging branches, power wires and do make sure there are no cars on the driveway, or in front of house. Let your neighbors know you are having a skip bin pick up that day, so they can avoid parking near your property, especially if your home has a shared driveway.
  • Do check if there is heavy equipment blocking access to the skip bin and make sure your gate is wide enough to accommodate a truck.
  • Also know ahead of time, if your area requires a council permit for your skip bin. Otherwise, you might face a hefty fine.

Not all kinds of wastes are allowed by law to be thrown in the skip bin. There should be no surprise there, just common sense.

Wastes are not meant to be there:

  • Human waste and animal waste. This includes dirty diapers and dead animals.
  • Used needles, syringes and lancets. These are contaminated waste that will easily spread disease and cause harm to workers.
  • Hazardous liquids which includes flammable liquids, acids, poisions and pesticides.  These are dangerous to be mixed in a rubbish pile and can cause injury upon contact.
  • Asbestos. This is a type of silicate mineral used in building materials, which is quite deadly, as exposure to this material causes respiratory distress and lung problems.
  • Batteries.
  • Automotive Tires

If any of these wastes are found in your bin load, it may be taken back to your home. Know what regulations are there in your area about proper waste disposal when it comes to hazardous waste or health-care waste. As much as Rubbish Removal Services are reliable, there are laws in place to protect everyone from hazardous materials and infectious waste.

With all of that in mind, hopefully your residential clean-up operation will go smoothly as plan. Remember, the rubbish removal service guys are there to help. You can ask for a consult ahead of skip bin collection day for all your concerns.

Keep the Clutter in Check

Make sure to keep a steady eye on your purchases. Know what things are coming in or brought home by family members. Every time something shiny and new comes in, make it a point to get rid of something. And get rid of it fast!

The trick to keep the clutter from coming back is to have a regular clean-up routine. Have a ‘staging area’ where your sorting bins are visible. Make sure these are accessible to family members all the time.

Give gentle reminders to your loved ones to toss out things they no longer need from time to time. Remember that cleaning up the house is not solely your responsibility; everyone has to be in on this. Otherwise, you can expect messy piles to show up within days.

Extend a nice note to loved ones and friends. Informing them not to send gifts or large things over without consulting you first. Let them know you appreciate the gesture. However inform them you’re on a minimalist streak or a clean-up phase to simplify your home. If they are considerate enough of your feelings, they will understand and comply with such a request.

Final Thoughts

Hope reading through this helps you take a hard look on what you own and have at home. Take time to think if all your household items are well-used as intended.

Decluttering becomes more and more important as one gets older. We accumulate more things as each year passes, moreso after holidays and birthdays. The clutter only becomes alarming when excess stuff starts to occupy and take over common areas in our home. To which, from another perspective, the stuff we treasure now becomes a burden. Clutter is not a burden you want to leave behind. Part with the unnecessary things early, simplify your life, so you can have more space to breathe. Creating more time to make beautiful memories with your loved ones. So don’t put off your clean-up efforts, remember, you can start it any day. A clean home equals a clear mind.

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