Office Waste

What is Office Waste?

The workforce is probably one of the biggest contributors of waste materials in the industry. Most of the office waste coming from the office is made out of plastic and paper materials, and electronic waste is also primarily present.

Common Office Wastes:

Paper waste – This includes bond papers, packaging materials, newspapers, cardboard, and other products. Paper can easily be recycled and reused.

Plastics – This consists of bags, containers, jars, bottles and many other products that can be found in your office. Plastic is not biodegradable, but many types of plastic can be recycled.

Outdated machinery and electronic waste – fax machines, telephones, photocopiers, printers, toners, cartridges, tapes, disks, routers, wires, scanners, computers and screens.

Office furnishings – chairs, sofas, desks, tables, wood dividers, partitions and shelves

Used packaging materials – Cardboard, boxes, polystyrene, styrofoam, wood boards and pallets

Why Hire a Skip Bin Service for your Office Waste?

Hiring a skip bin service is also a convenient way to get rid of office waste, such an option will be worth your money or the company’s bottom line in the long run. Regular rubbish removal services normally take a longer time to arrive because you can only get rid of your entire trash at an uncertain time. Also consider the fact that your office might be located at the topmost floor of a building, disposing large amounts of office waste would require coordination with building management on the use of service elevators. You may choose to delegate someone on your staff to manage this, but if the amount of rubbish is huge, it can be overwhelming for one person to handle.

Professionally trained to perform effectively, rubbish removal collectors are fully aware of the local regulations for disposing of commercial and office waste. Whether you are in a residential, commercial or industrial area, or undertaking a renovation, a rubbish removal service would be the most efficient and quick solution to dispose of everything in one go. Your company can even adhere to a regular waste management plan which will cover not just one office location, but several branches as well. Here you can choose your own proper size skip bins, delivery and frequency of collection dates for the rubbish removal.

In addition, enlisting help from a skip bin company assures you that all office waste, print-outs and documents of all kinds, do end up in recycling facilities where they are meant to. Equally important, office rubbish removal services are mindful of company directives on data privacy and confidentiality. You can be specific about your document hauling needs, paper rubbish can be shredded prior to rubbish removal, by your staff on-site or off site at the recycling facility.

Here are a few ways you can reduce your office waste:

Get employees involved

Recycling can be good for office morale as knowing that you are contributing to the greater good of the environment. Also recycling in the workplace encourages people to be more attune on their personal consumption.

Go paperless

Yes, you don’t need to print out everything everytime, there are options for sharing files on the cloud and there are team-working apps that can get everyone on the same page. In fact, 80% of office waste is paper, and do know that the average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper in a single year. That’s good grade A paper, used once and then thrown out. If you can cut down the paper trail, you can manage your rubbish removal effectively and save the company money. So why not reserve the good paper for really confidential or key documents that need to be signed and archived. The rest of the paperwork however will do well on a screen.

Encourage the use of personal items

Instead of providing hand dryers or paper towels in the bathroom, encourage employees to bring their own reusable hand towels. You will save on energy costs and reduce paper towel wastes. In the office pantry, employees can bring their own mugs, water bottles, cutlery, metal straws, containers and other utensils for reuse, this move will thoroughly reduce food packaging wastes such as refuse from polystyrene and plastics.

Now that these advantages have been established, taking action seems to be the next step. Many of your employees may truly want to rally behind rubbish removal plans and office waste reduction, but may hesitate for social reasons, like it or loathe it, no one wants to be caught in the middle of organizational politics; Some simply don’t have the courage to be the first one to ask. So if you are a manager or business owner, you can help by starting a program to get everyone together. Altogether, this can help bring out a more positive office culture where you can easily prep for rubbish removal.

Why hire a rubbish removal service for your waste?

Rubbish removal need not be a difficult affair. As can be seen, having rubbish lying around can be hazardous to everyone. Dust, mites, fungus and molds will simply accumulate. Moreover if left for long, these will cause outbreaks of illnesses in the workplace from respiratory problems to migraines.

Having piles of rubbish in enclosed environments such as cubicles and desk areas, where employees are often interacting in close proximity on a daily basis, are surely at high risk from bacteria or viruses that cause infectious diseases.

It needs hardly be said that regular rubbish removal will greatly benefit the workplace. For example, employees with asthma or allergies will have less occurences of respiratory distress. By moving things out, the whole employee work outlook and workflow would change when rubbish removal finally happens in your office. In summary, the full array of advantages from rubbish removal includes breathing healthier air in the office, job safety and work efficiency, employees thriving in the extra space, and people actually caring for the environment.

Consult a Rubbish Removal Professional

Rubbish Removal

Try us! We are a full-service rubbish removal consulting firm.

Consult with us through phone or we can even do a targeted on-site inspection of your rubbish. In order to ensure quality work with our rubbish removal services, we need to take into account the specifics and volume of your rubbish and your business location. We can offer you commercial size skip bins for your needs, or you can let us take care of everything so you can have a stress-free rubbish removal day.

Things to keep in mind:

How big is your rubbish?

Note the height, weight and volume because these are the basic parameters for an estimate.

Take a peek in the bins, what kinds of rubbish do you have?

Note the height, weight and volume because these are the basic parameters for an estimate.

Clarify all the details before rubbish removal day.

We can assist you in all aspects of implementation. If you need specific documentation on pricing, or if we need to provide a list of the recycling facilities and partners that sorts and salvages rubbish for recycling, re-use or redistribution. We’ll be more than happy to help you, just specify your rubbish removal needs and we’ll get it done promptly.

Today’s world is awash in waste. No one wants to wake up to this kind of world, so we all have to do our part to save it, whether at home or at the office, always go for things that are eco-friendly and sustainable.

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