Every rubbish removal job is different, so the rubbish removal pricing is dependent on a number of factors. There are many factors involved when it comes to calculating how much it will cost to remove your rubbish, but unfortunately, there’s no such thing as a price calculator.

Cost factors may include:
  • Type of waste – Green waste, General, or Heavy waste
  • Amount of waste – Could be measured in weight and or volume (mostly measured in cubic metres).
  • Location – Accessibility for removalist. The further away the rubbish is located, the longer it takes for the removalists to load the truck.

Also, some items like matrasses, tyres, and paint may incur an extra additional cost.

However, below is a price guide for rubbish removal, based on our average jobs.

Volume Green Waste Removal General Waste Removal Building Waste Removal
1 Cubic Metre $150 $150 $170
2 Cubic Metres $250 $235 $270
3 Cubic Metres $300 $320 $370
4 Cubic Metres $350 $405 $470
5 Cubic Metres $400 $490 $570
6 Cubic Metres $450 $575 $670
7 Cubic Metres $525 $660 $770
8 Cubic Metres $590 $745 $870
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